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The history of Online gaming – The development of technology to make the game more lively online game, and certainly this is a happiness for the gamers. But did you know the history of online gaming and the ebb and flow from year to year? These are things that we need to terautama for the lovers of the game online. Well on the article this time raised the topic of special awalmula.com for lovers of the game online and for anyone in General to add to our knowledge of the early history of online gaming.


Like the previous awalmula.com articles, each article based from a variety of sources, not just listening to the story. And for this time, in the history of Online gaming awalmula.com quotation from redeyedevil.wordpress.com, may be able to treat your knowledge of the early history of online gaming.


The heyday of online gaming first, when Online, EverQuest, Ultima and Asheron’s Call has no rivals. The first successful third games this is what provided the inspiration for other companies to start making their own online game.


The inception of the competition in May 2001 – April 2002
During this time the development of EverQuest and Asheron’s Call dropped dramatically, even Ultima Online loses customers. This is because a number of new online games entered the market with its uniqueness of each. In addition, the cancellation of Electronic Arts to create Ultima Worlds Online: Origin or Ultima Online 2 also makes the players are disappointed. Electronic Arts chose to concentrate on continuing to develop the Ultima Online and spread our wings into the Asian market.


Actually, it was Electronic Arts also has the difficulty of capital for Ultima Online 2. Kontrovesial decisions made many customers lost their anticipation on Ultima Online Ultima Online2 and try other games. Most other customers stopped playing Ultima Online because predicting the Ultima Online will not be able to compete with those games to come, especially in the subject graphic. then the plague continues with direleasenya terms Ultima Online: Third Dawn, which is not in accordance with the tastes of gamers.


In addition, during this period the Anarchy Online and Dark Age of Camelot beta test launch with a press conference and no responsibility-responsibility issue costs a lot to iklan-iklannya. Senior player Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Call Asheron’s to find alternatives to the game that they have ever tried belom. While some gamers have plenty of game dibermacam account, most gamers only have time to focus on one game only. Anarchy Online had a little problem at launch but the Dark Age of Camelot entered the market share with success, they get 200,000 consumer on its launch.


Asheron’s Call lasted briefly with in terms of Dark Majesty but then were trampled by the emergence of non-game-fantasy emerges as Anarchy Online, Motor City Online, and World War II Online. Motor City Online reached the top of his success in June and then declined gradually. Anarchy Online and World War II Online losers because bad launch.


Premier online gaming enthusiasts began May 2002 – October 2004
This is the most difficult for the online game market. Although the magnitude of the prospect of online gaming is on the rise in 2002 and 2003, the competition also is getting crowded. Many of the online games in its development had to be postponed or even cancelled. Game-long attempt to retain their customers, the number of customers they ride down to the amount of the decrease more than the increase until eventually exhausted.
Most of the new online games entered the market did not reach the target, some even forced to close his business. Although there are a few bright spots, such as with the appearance of Final Fantasy XI, RuneScape, Eve Online, and City of Heroes between May 2002 and May 2003, the market is growing less than 8%. In January 2004 to October 2004 the market developed only fell as much as 2%. At the end of 2004, the online game market became quiet.


The triumph of the Online Game Warcraft November 2004 – present
Starting with the direleasenya World of Warcraft, the online game market circumstances changed drastically. World of Warcraft is not only successful, but also holds the record of very high among online games pay (Pay to Play). Although most of the subscribers of World of Warcraft comes from CHINA, now that the number of subscribers of World of Warcraft in Europe reached more than one billion while in North America about a comma five to two billion! The success of World of Warcraft comes from Blizzard, which always spawn game-which gives a unique gaming experience.


The features of World of Warcraft has to offer such as kekompleksitasannya, easy to play, and the development of the level of influence the development of online games, especially the Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest, and the Lineage series.


In June 2006; 93.5% of the market in


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